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New to 2019

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Vantage UI improvements, including landing page summary information and action shortcuts for all modules


GL posting - Improved validation regime of general ledger posting. One sided journals will no longer be quarantined to GLW import. If one element of the journal is held, the entire journal will be quarantined.

Shadow currency – improved handling of rounding balances when converting to shadow currencies.

Pulse Budgeting - Process improvements for the creation of org budgets from module data (bottom up).

Mobile device integration for Approvals, including: Capital and AP Vendors


HR – Payroll

End of Year – Employee FBT improvements

Kiosk in Vantage including new features such as Org Chart

New design of existing reports

New screens in Vantage: Termination Pay Calculation & Non-employee Master Maintenance

STP - Update Pay Event to update YTD figures up to 5 years

Mobile device integration for Leave applications via Mobile Kiosk

Leave applications open to contractors - Kiosk and Mobile Kiosk


Mobile device integration for Actions


Marketing and Logistics

Sales entry screen improvements

PN Rail Schedule integration (WIP)



Mobile checklists – New Feature

Maintenance Budgeting – New Feature

Job requests improvements, including access via mobile device

Smart Parts (prev. called "Punchout") integration



Reporting improvements

Time Usage Model setup improvements

Improved MS Excel Integration

Machine Data Visualisation improvements



Icertis interface (CEN only)

Mobile device integration for Stores

Mobile device integration for Approvals, including: Direct Purchasing, Capital and AP Vendors

Vantage Approvals integration

OCR Invoice speed improvements

Requisition Auditing improvements

Report improvements

Stock Utility to convert stock categories

Smart Parts (includes feature prev. called "Punchout" and "LinkOne")

  • Punchout - Catalogue for online/purchasing in Pulse
  • LinkOne - Web view interface for purchasing parts from manufacturers online manuals in Pulse

Stock Optimisation Tool

Pulse Mining Systems release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release. This page includes release notes for major releases and minor (bugfix) releases. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Pulse to this version, you will find essential information in the relevant release notes.

All Release Notes.

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