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PM Budgets - Add extra descriptions to Cost Types and use them for unit costs (kes-1389)


Plant Maintenance Module






Plant Maintenance Module - Budgeting

Menu Selection

Maintain Budget Cost Types

Maintain Plant Rates

Maintain Scheduled Budget Values

Maintain Budget Batch

Export Saved Batch to Excel

Release Note Details

The Cost Type codes used in the PM budget have been extended to include a Description and Comments. This is an advantage where you end up with many cost types in the system.

This is used throughout the system where the cost type is used.

The “Export Saved Batch to Excel” takes it one step further. When you update the details for a specific unit then the budget details are normally summarised to Plant Number and Service. Since “Plant Rates” are not linked to a service this would summarise all “Plant Rates” into 1 line. This change now splits that line into the different cost type that exist in that budget. Note that this only applies to “Plant Rates” and not schedules.

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