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Pulse Release Documentation

Release Note ID


Pulse Service Centre Number

FINANCE - Technical Internal Work (PMS-10188)


Financial Management Module


Corporate Consolidation




Financial Management Module  -  Corporate Consolidation

Menu Selection

Consolidate Entities

Release Note Details

  • Consolidating periods with take-up journals would cause data issues which could not be resolved without Pulse database updates.
  • This will now be prevented by throwing a new error on attempting to consolidate periods with take-up journals.

Setup Details

Take-up journals are used to load opening balance values in Consolidation Entities when setting up the Corporate Consolidation sub-module. In normal processing Entities are not directly updatable outside of the Consolidation process.

Do not post take-up journals to any period which Consolidation is expected to be run. Contact Pulse to clear this data if this has been done in error.

Test Plan (If Required)

Test Description

  • Consolidation to check for Take-up journals

Test Plan Details

#Feature /Test ScenarioExpected ResultsResultsNotes
1Consolidate a period with take-up journalsError displayed(tick)

2Consolidate a period without take-up journalsConsolidation proceeds(tick)

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