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Pulse Release Documentation

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59362 Shellee Aitken - Myuna LSL Report Issue (CEN-8094)


Human Resources Module






Human Resources Module - Payroll

Menu Selection

LSL Levy Advice Report (New)

Release Note Details

  • Note: Patch 28943 is for 2018.00, patch 29155 is for 2019.00
  • This patch adds an additional option to the Select Formula A Reporting Categories screen to allow the user to select how they wish to split payments for leave and absences into included and excluded amounts for the Formula A calculation.
  • Important: It is highly recommended that the reporting options are reviewed and updated if necessary after installing this patch in order to ensure that the desired results are produced for your particular needs.
  • The options available are as follows:
    • 0 (Include All)              Do not split leave/absence payments. The entire amount will be included
    • 1 (Exclude Penalty)     Include payment for base hours only. Any payment for hours worked beyond this will be excluded
    • 2 (Split Penalty)           Base + Normal component of penalty hours. Any payment made at a penalty rate will be split into a normal time component (included) and a penalty time component (excluded)

Setup Details

The new option for selecting the split method for leave and absence payments is located on the Select Formula A Reporting Categories screen, accessed by pressing ENTER in the Reporting Categories A field of the main reporting options screen, as shown here: