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Pulse Release Documentation

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Ecobank Statement Import (AMS-1150)


Financial Management Module






Financial Management Module - GL/Costing/FIBS

Menu Selection

Vantage    Bank Reconciliation - Import Statement Transactions

Release Note Details

Ecobank statement MT940 format now is available in Bank Reconciliation Statement Interface.

Bank Import Methods Maintenance

  • Ecobank Statement "ECOSTMNT" is now available in bank import methods.    "ECOSTMNT"  import method will be populated when click "Reset to Default" button.

Transaction Cross Reference

  • "ECOSTMNT"  import method will be listed in Bank Import Method selector.

  • The Bank and Pulse Transaction Code Cross Reference details will be populated when "ECOSTMNT" is selected.
    Note, the transaction signage displayed is the default signage. The imported transaction amount signage will read from MT940 file if provided.

 Import Bank Statement Transactions

  • The Ecobank statement import will accept a TEXT file which is in MT940 (standard structured SWIFT format) format message. 
  • The currency code appears on MT940 file must be a valid ISO 4217 currency code. The import process will validate the currency code against to the selected Bank Statement Currency ISO code. If the ISO code is blank, the bank statement currency code will be used to validate the ISO currency code in the file.
  •  The MT940 statement line contains Value Date and Entry(posted) Date. The import process will read the Entry Date as statement transaction Date. The statement will not be imported if the Entry Date is outside the current Bank Reconciliation period. 
    For example:

    Value Date is 31/08/2018. 
    Entry Date is 03/09/2018.
    The bank statement transaction date imported into Pulse will be 03/09/2018.
  • The import process will load the reference in sub-filed 8 of statement line(field 61) as statement transaction reference.
  • The import process will load the information to account owner(field 86) as statement transaction comments.

Setup Details

Bank Import Methods Maintenance

Load "ECOSTMNT"  import method by clicking "Reset to Default" button.

Transaction Cross Reference

Select the "ECOSTMNT" import method and load transaction code cross reference.