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Pulse Release Documentation

Release Note ID


Pulse Service Centre Number

58840 - 2019 Completion details into Stature - exporting additional actions added in Pulse after risk assessment completed (CEN-7758)


Human Resources Module


Work Health and Safety





Human Resources Module  -  Work Health and Safety

Menu Selection

Web Service: hso-hactreqimportxml.html

Release Note Details

Pulse OHS web service currently is able to accept Specific Risk Assessment/Completed Actions Date requests and returns a html with the actions completion details, includes action completion details including; Pulse Identifier, Action Completion comments, date action completed and person action was completed.

An enhancement has  been made to return additional action details included:

    • Action Required
    • Allocated To
    • Required By Date

No other functions and request format changed.

The URL for the web service request post is:


Setup Details


Test Plan 

Test Description

The following tests are to ensure that the web service is able to return additional details for the Specific Risk Assessment/Completed Actions Date requests 

Test Plan Details

#Feature /Test ScenarioExpected ResultsResultsNotes
1Post a web request for the Specific Risk Assessment/Completed Actions Date requests The action required, allocated to user name and required by date are included in the returned html.(tick)