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Toni Burns - Employee Leave History Card Report with Additional Data (WHI-2947)


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Human Resources Module - Personnel

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Employee Leave History Card

Release Note Details

  • Note: Patches 28938 and 28565 are for 2018.00, patches 29153 and 29096 are for 2019.00
  • Added the option to choose between displaying the Leave History Card in REPORT format (i.e. the current report output) or SPREAD sheet format as a .csv file.
  • When SPREAD is selected, the following additional fields are included in the report output:
    • Roster Code (at the time of payment)
    • Hours Paid
    • Amount Paid
    • Effective Rate
    • Standard Hourly Rate
    • Rate Code (at the time of payment)
  • Note: When the entitlement units are Hours, the Days Taken for Sick Leave/Personal Leave and Annual Leave records are detemined based on the daily entitlement lost values for those leave types as specified in the employee's Award
  • Note: The ending date for the report is the most recent pay end date for the current pay frequency. If a company has both weekly and monthly payruns, then the report output when run from the weekly payroll menu may be slightly different to when it is run from the monthly payroll menu, due to the different pay end dates. 
  • Update: Patch 28938 resolves an issue where the report output would be incorrect if more than one leave code of the same type (e.g. PS, PSDR, etc) was used for an employee within the same pay period.

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