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Financial Management Module





Financial Management Module  -  GL/Costing/FIBS

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Financials → Pulse Budgeting

Release Note Details

The follow bug fixes are included in this patch:

  • Workbooks disappeared and/or "CostCode" worksheet may become hidden,
  • Importing and calculate budget menu items would fail with the message "No record available",
  • User access level in FIBS would not allow users to access multiple responsibilities,
  • When a user signs a responsibility there was occasions when they could no longer run functionality in another responsibility as the sign off would carry over the pages.
  • Minor tweaks to some Vantage pages.

The follow enhancements are included in this patch:

  • A risk was identified whereby a user/s could open the same workbook from within FIBS and save back. A workbook can only be opened by one user at a time now.
  • On initial load of a workbook the cost code combinations were not in correct sequence so when cost code were added/removed the sequence would change therefore rebuild and occasionally the amounts would no longer be on the correct combination line,
  • User responsibility pick list is now sorted alphabetically,
  • When closing a workbook Excel now shuts down completely,
  • Rounding now displayed in the Review page,
  • When entering manual transactions the date picker/calendar now uses the Budget calendar periods,

Setup Details