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Pulse Release Documentation

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C.Soltermann Kestrel - B2B integration (Blackwoods) (KES-1609)


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Supply Module  -  Direct Purchasing

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N/A - Web services

Status of EDI Orders

Release Note Details


Pulse EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration has been expanded to cater for receiving of order responses from certain vendors.

Pulse now supports the xCBL 4.0 standard transmitted by vendors such as Blackwoods. Order responses received by Pulse ERP are recorded on the order history, and estimated delivery dates, if known, are updated on the relevant order items.


The Status of EDI Orders report has additionally been modernised to track the status of xCBL format order responses.


The xCBL format order confirmation contains an expected delivery date for each item on an order. When received, the delivery date for each order item is updated with the advised date automatically by Pulse.

An option has been added to allow entry of a number of days offset to be taken into account when updating the expected delivery date on the order in Pulse. This setting may be left disabled, meaning that delivery dates are never updated. This setting may require consideration in order to achieve expected delivery dates that are reliable. See the Setup Details section for information on this setting.

Setup Details

Contact Pulse support if additional details are required.

The following menu function is required to enable the "Batch enable invoice transfer" function within the DP Invoicing screen:

The following system option allows entry of an offset to be taken into account when updating the expected delivery date on an order: