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Webspeed requision Back Button not working (kes-220)


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Release Note Details

An issue existed within the Vantage application where the Back button appearing on the requisition header screen, within the Raise/Modify Requisition processes, was not functioning. This has now been fixed.

When Modifying a requisition, clicking Back or Finished will return to the requisition selection screen.

When raising a new requisition, clicking the Back or Finished button will return to the supplier selection screen.

Setup Details


Test Plan

Test Description

Show that the back button on the Webspeed requisition header screen functions as expected.

Test Plan Details

#Feature /Test ScenarioExpected ResultsResultsNotes
1Raise requisition > add itemBack button appears on requisition header screen(tick)

2Click back buttonApplication navigates to supplier selection screen(tick)
3Modify RequisitionBack button appears on requisition header screen(tick)
4Click back buttonApplication navigates to requisition selection screen(tick)