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Pulse Release Documentation

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Jo Karelin - Investigate Issue with Raising a Req in Pulse (SC-237)


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Supply Module - Direct Purchasing

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Raise Requisition (Webspeed)

Release Note Details

When raising a requisition by proxy in Webspeed, if the requisition value was over the proxy's purchasing limit, but under the originator's, the requisition would be sent to the proxy (logged in raiser) for approval.

This was incorrect functionality, and requisition is now forwarded to the originator in the scenario described.

Setup Details


Test Plan

Test Description

Demonstrate that a requisition raised by proxy, over the proxy's purchasing limit but within the originator's, follows the correct approval path.

Test Plan Details

#Feature /Test ScenarioExpected ResultsResultsNotes
1Raise requisition by proxy: Over proxy's limit but within originator's limit.Requisition forwarded to originator for approval(tick)

Note: If system option DP254 is used, the requisition will always go to the originator for approval

  1. Raise requisition by proxy: Over proxy's limit but within originator's limit.

    Proxy (logged in raiser) - CS2, purchasing limit $100
    CS2 raising requisition for originator CSI, purchasing limit $1000

    Item value = $125.44

    Requisition forwarded to originator CSI for approval