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Pulse Release Documentation

Release Note ID

29670, 29647, 29426,29368,29353,29154,29148,29145

Pulse Service Centre Number

58876 - Vantage New non-employee personnel enquiry (CEN-7710)


Human Resources Module





TypeNew Feature


Human Resources Module  -  Personnel

Menu Selection

Non-Employee Master Maintenance - Vantage

Release Note Details

  • Note:2019.00 commit number: 29154,29148,29145.
  • This screen has been added to enquire and maintain non-employee personnel within Vantage.
  • There are 3 screens which can be viewed from the new vantage Non-Employee Master Maintenance Vantage menu option.
    • Enquire/Edit Non-Employees
    • Create New Non-Employees
    • Enquire/Edit/Add Non-Employee skills
  • This Screen uses the same system options as the CHUI screen Non-Employee Master Maintenance. 
  • Access rights used on these screens
    • NonEmployeePersonnel/Edit
    • PersonnelSkills/Edit
  • The Non-Employee grid list
    • you can not filter by the Disabled column in the table.
  • Maintenance access rights
    • When the user has the NonEmployeePersonnel/Edit access rights enabled for their role they will have access to the New Personnel add button, Export to Excel button also the edit and delete actions.
  • Maintenance Access Rights View
  • Enquiry access rights
    • When the user does not have the NonEmployeePersonnel/Edit access rights enabled for their role they will only have access to export to excel and view individual non-employee information.
  • Enquiry Access Rights View

  • Create New Non-Employee Screen
    • The Create New Screen has three Mandatory Fields fields by default being Personnel ID, Personnel Type and Surname. There are also other fields that can be set to Mandatory 
      through system options these being Contracting Co, Birth Date and Licence No.
      • Contracting Company = system option  HR 179
      • Birth Date and Licence No = system option HS 76
    • The Personnel ID field is set automatically based off the system option HR 12
      • if HR 12 is Y then the Personnel ID is automatically set
      • if HR 12 is N then the Personnel ID will then need to be manually set and a tool tip displays the next available Personnel ID. 
  • Create New Non-Employee Screen
  • Manual ID input example
  • Clicking Cancel on the create screen will return you to the grid list
  • After clicking add on the screen you will be redirected to the edit workbench for the new Non-employee Personnel. 

  • The Non-Employee Personnel Maintenance workbench
    • The Workbench consists of 5 separate sections 
      • Personal Details 
      • Emergency Contact Details (ICE)
      • Contract Details
      • FTE Details (This section will only be show if the personnel type is F)
      • Skill Details 
    • The workbench can be loaded in edit or view mode based on the users enabled roles
  • The edit view of the workbench
  • The enquiry view of the workbench only allows the user to view the non-employee personnel details.
  • If the Personnel Type of a user is J or C then the FTE Details section is not displayed on the work bench.

  •   The Personal Details section contains a number of fields with Gender and Access Level being drop downs.
    • If the initials Field is left blank on creation or editing then the initials will be automatically set to the first letter of the Given Names.

  • Emergency Contact Details (ICE) section

  • The Contract Details section
    • The Personnel Type Field in this section can have an effect on the FTE Details section.
      • If the Personnel type is F then is changed to C then the FTE Details section will no longer be shown.
        • Changing from F to C and if the non employee personnel have a job position allocated then you will be prompted with a popup to confirm the change and the non-employee will be removed from the position.
      • If the Personnel type is C and then changed to F then the FTE Details section will be displayed.
        • Changing from C to F and if the non employee personnel have a job position allocated then you will be prompted with a popup to click Ok to remove the position and  cancel to keep the position.
      • If the Personnel type is F then is changed to J then the FTE Details section will no longer be shown.
    • The Last start field is automatically populated with the employees last start time.
    • Contracting co drop down list will be the vendor list if system option HR 180 is set to yes.

  • FTE Details section
    • The Current company and Roster fields are populated when a job position is selected.
  • The Account Required field is disabled if system option HR 201 does not have an email.

  • If an email has already been sent a notification is displayed under the drop down field and the field is disabled.

  • Skills Details section
  • All Companies/Current Company
    • If set to Current Company then only skills for the Current Company will be displayed.
    • If set to All Companies all skills the non-employee personnel has will be displayed.
  • Only Skills from the current Company can be edited/deleted 
    • when you click edit on a skill that is not for the current company an alert will appear
    • to edit/delete skills for that company you are required to be logged into that company to update its details.
    • The skills details page is effected by access rights and will be show in edit or enquiry mode based on the users assigned roles access rights.
      • To edit the non-employee personnel skills the role must have the Non-Employee Master Maintenance - PersonnelSkills/Edit access rights.
  • Skill Details Enquiry Mode

  • Clicking the add skill button will redirect the page to the add skill page 
    • When adding a skill the skill will be added to the current default company.

  • UPDATE patch 29353 
    • Fix an issue where FTE Details for Non-employee personnel was not correctly displaying the non-employee personnel's job position.
    • The Vantage screen will now correctly display the job position within the FTE details section of the Non-Employee Personnel Master maintenance Vantage Screen.
    • Added the old menu option that redirects to the CHUI screen.
    • Patch will require menu to be rebuilt on the client server.
  • UPDATE patch 29368
    • Fixed an issue where the drop downs would not correctly display non employee information on the Non-employee personnel screen due to the item being outside of the first 500 items.
    • The non employee drop downs will now populate correctly.    
  • UPDATE patch 29426
    • Fixed issue with drop down on new non-employee screen not correctly displaying information.
    • The new non-employee drop down will now populate correctly.
  • UPDATE patch 29647
    • Fixed issue where non employee's where unable to update user details when details were missing.
    • The records will now be updated correctly if the details are missing
  • UPDATE patch 29670
    • Fixed issue where non employee's where not displaying all information in different screens when created from the non-employee screen.
    • The records will now correctly display across different screens when created from the non employee screen.

Setup Details


The Vantage menu structure needs to be rebuilt on the client server after the update has been deployed for the new menu structure to become available. This needs to be undertaken by Pulse prior to client update handover.

After rebuilding the menu structure the new Vantage non-employee personnel and skill screen will need to be added to Vantage Roles as required.