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Pulse Release Documentation

Release Note ID

31176, 31140, 30803,30739, 30318

Pulse Service Centre Number

Human Resources Module





TypeNew Feature


Human Resources Module  -  Personnel

Menu Selection

Position Hierarchy CSV Batch

Release Note Details

  • Note: 31176, 30803 for 2020.00, 31140, 30318 for 2019.00 
  • Commit 30739 for 2019.00 Required for vantage menu item.
  • This enhancement adds a new Position Hierarchy CSV Batch job creation menu item which runs for the selected parameters.
  • The vantage Menu item can be selected from Human Resources→Personnel→Administration→Positions
  • The batch job will output the report in a .csv format which is sent to the selected emails in the parameters.
  • The organisation option can be switched between the all option and the current organisation by using F11 when on the organisation option. 
  • to bring up the company list for selection press F11 when on the company option.
  • The company selection will allow selections based off the selected organisation as shown below.
  • If the organisation or company are blank they will be defaulted to ALL.
  • If you have selected a company code and you want to undo and select all companies press <Delete> key (Do not use the ctrl + z clear on the company or organisation input field)
  • to bring up the start position selections press F11 when on the start position option.
  • The menu will have three options position, employee and top.
  • The position menu will display a list of positions that can be selected.
  • The employee menu will display a list of employees. if an employee has a position it will be selected, if they do not have a position the start position will remain unchanged.
  • the effective date offset is set as a positive or negative number.
  • it will run the effective date as today's date - or + the offset for example. the report runs on the 11/12/2019 and the offset is -10 then the effective date would be the 1/12/2019.
  • pressing F11 on the effective date offset field will reset the field to 0.
  • .
  • The exclude inactive field is set by pressing Y for yes and N for no.
  • Example options showing the extract being set to run Daily, at 5:05pm:
  • Example options showing the extract being set to run Weekly, at 2:00am every Friday:
  • Example options showing the extract being set to run Monthly, at 2:00am on the last day of the month (specified by setting the run date option to 00):
  • Note: If the extract is set to run monthly on the 29th, 30th, or 31st day of the month, and the current month does not have that many days, the extract will be run on the last day of the month instead
  • Note: Setting the run date to 00 will run the extract on the last day of every month (and is effectively the same as setting the run date to be the 31st)
  • After entering the required options a prompt will appear asking if you would like to run the report now.
  • If yes the report will run, then be sent to the selected recipients and the batch job will be created.
  • if no the batch job will be created.
  • To Delete a Batch Job go to the batch job maintenance screen. and press enter on the report name option and select the report batch name you would like to stop then press <F1>.
  • With the batch job you would like to remove highlighted press the <delete> key and confirm to delete the batch job.

Setup Details

Pulse Vantage:

  • The Pulse Vantage menu structure needs to be rebuilt on the client server after the update has been deployed for the new menu item to become available. This needs to be undertaken by Pulse prior to client update handover.

Pulse Classic:

  • If the update you are taking is not a Pulse Release, your menu structure may need to be modified for you to access this report. If you are using Pulse Classic, have not done this before and require help, or you do not have access to modify your menu structure, please contact Pulse Support (02 4922 2000).
  • This is a new extract and as such needs to be set against a menu. Before you can do this the following menu function must be created.

    • Function name: HRYPOSCT
    • Function type: P
    • Description: Position Hierarchy CSV Batch
    • Database List: HR

Data Extract as a Batch Job:

  • To run the extract as a regular batch job, edit the batch job parameters from the report options screen as described above.