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Pulse Release Documentation

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Pulse Service Centre Number

Supply Module (KES-4)


Supply Module


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Supply Module - Direct Purchasing

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Deliveries (Receivals)

Print Bin Labels

Bin Number Maintenance

Release Note Details

New delivery and stores item label formats have been made available for systems connected to Zebra format printers. The formats are designed for 35x90mm labels.

Stores Label

To use the new stores label format, system option ST65 should be set to Z35x90MM.

Delivery Labels

A new format is available, where one of three different styles will be printed depending on the type of order item being delivered.

Stock Item

Work Order


To use the new delivery label format, the second element of system option DP81 should be set to Z35x90MM.

Setup Details

Refer to above for instructions on using new label formats.