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Item 50921 - Pulse OHS - Enhancement - Create a date modification comments field and a new notification type (CEN-7866)


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Human Resources Module - Work Health and Safety

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WEBAPPS - Actions Required

Release Note Details

The Webspeed URL in Action Due Date approval notification email can link the user to the Action Required details page. However, an error message "You do not have permission for OHS Site: '001'" was received after the approval process. This is caused by a hard coded company code "001" in the system when processing the user's login details from webspeed. The error occurred when "001" is not valid company in the system.

This issue now has been fixed. The hard code company code has been removed. The action required ohs site code will be used when back to Actions browser page after the due date change approval.

Setup Details


Test Plan 

Test Description

This test is to ensure the company code is not default to "001" when back to to Actions browser page after the due date change approval.

Test Plan Details

#Feature /Test ScenarioExpected ResultsResultsNotes

Testing environment:

"001" is not valid OHS site/Company.

System option HS 223/224 is turned on for Action Due Date Approval.



Log into WEBAPP Actions Required.

Open on action details and submit a Due Date change request.

Emil notification sent to the approver.(tick)

The approver clicks on the URL in the notification.

Login from Webspeed Login page.

The Action details page is displayed.(tick)
4Approve the request.

The request is forward to the second approver.

The Actions Required browser page displayed correctly without error.