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Pulse Release Documentation

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P DWYER - Creation of notification for lead investigator (KES-1045)


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Work Health and Safety




Human Resources Module - Work Health and Safety

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WEBAPPS    Incident Entry 

GUI                Notification Setting - Notification Type

Release Note Details

An enhancement has been made to the WEBAPPS incident entry to send a notification email to the "Investigation Lead" and a specific group users when incident is created. "Investigation Lead" is referred to "Reported To" field of the incident main details. 

Notification Setting

A new notification type "Notify Investigation lead of Incident" has been added in Healthy and Safety module. The notification email will be sent to the "investigation lead" and the notification groups assigned. 

Incident Entry

  • The "Reported To" field can be configured as "Investigation Lead" in incident control maintenance. 
  • Notification Emails will be sent out once the incident details is saved and the Investigation Lead value has been changed.
  • Email will be sent to the user who has been assigned as a "Investigation Lead" when this notification type is added. 
  • Emails will be sent to the users who has been assigned to the notification group. No email will be sent out if notification group is not assigned to this notification type.


  • The text "Investigation Lead" displayed in the email is read from "Reported To" field label configured in Incident Control Maintenance.The default text is "Reported To" if the label is blank.
  • The text "Incident No." displayed in the email is read from "Incident No" field label configured in Incident Control Maintenance. The default text is "Incident No." if the label is blank.
  • If this new Notification Type is not added to the Notification Types Tab, no "Investigation Lead" notification email will be sent.
  • If no notification groups assigned to the notification type, only the "Investigation Lead" will receive the notification. 

Setup Details

Add "Notify Investigation Lead of Incident" to Notification Type.

Assign the notification groups to the new notification type.

Valid email address must be assigned to the pulse user account.