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HSEC Monthly Statistics Report classifications enhancements (CEN-7768)


Human Resources Module


Work Health and Safety




Human Resources Module - Work Health and Safety

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GUI      Reports - Monthly Statistics Report

Release Note Details

Currently, the monthly statistics calculation checks each incident against various system option to determine if the incident class recorded against that incident matches the system option defining the as, for example, "Other Disabling Injury", "Number of  Medical Treatment Injury". However, in the case that multiple classed are entered against to one incident, only the first classification code is checked. 

This issue now has been solved. The calculation process will check all the classification entries of the incident to determine the injury reporting categories. 

For example,

  • Incident 1 classification codes are "40,30,50". 
  • Incident 2 classification codes are "30,10".
  • code "30" is configured as "Number of Medical Treatment Injury" in system option HS 56
  • Both incident 1 and 2 will be counted as "Number of Medical Treatment Injury". previously, only incident 2 was accounted as "Number of Medical Treatment Injury".

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