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J Oswald - Assistance required with 'final pay edit list' message during payroll (BLO-1078)


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Human Resources Module - Payroll

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Produce Pays

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  • Update: Patches 28368 & 28369 ensure that a status email is always sent when Produce Pays is blocked due to a specific employee, even if the cause could not be traced to a Pay Details Adjustment entry. This allows the employee in question to be identified and investigated further. Note: Patch 26838 is for 2018.00, patch 28369 is for 2019.00
  • If a pay details adjustment entry (e.g. Leave Advance Adjustments) was created for a casual employee and then deleted (by selecting 99 or delete in the pay details adjustment screen), this could cause the Produce Pays process to be blocked if that employee was not being paid any amount in the current pay period.
  • This patch prevents the deleted pay adjustment entry from blocking the Produce Pays process.
  • If the pay adjustment entry was not actually deleted, but instead had all values set to 0, then this entry could still potentially block the Produce Pays process. If this happens, an email with additional information about the status of the Produce Pays process is sent to the user who is running the process. This email contains additional details about why the process is being blocked which can help in locating the cause of the issue.
  • An example of the information which may be provided in the status email:

A pay record has NOT BEEN GENERATED for Employee 9999999

Pay Details Adjustment entry found for Leave Advance Adjustments.
Please check if an entry exists with a zero amount and if so, delete it.

Once the above details have been reviewed, run the Pay Details Edit List again.
If Produce Pays still cannot continue once this is done, please contact Pulse Support.

This is a system-generated email.

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