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Pulse Release Documentation

Release Note ID


Pulse Service Centre Number

Release Pulse Mobile to 2018.00 (PMS-9856)







Utilities - Generic

Menu Selection

Pulse Mobile

Release Note Details

Add Pulse Mobile to Devices Home Screen


  1. Open the supplied URL on your mobile device

  2. Select the Share page icon

  3. On the Share page scroll right on the bottom row, until the "Add to Home Screen" icon appears

  4. On the next screen, select the "Add" button on the top right

  5. Pulse Mobile will then appear on your Home screen


When prompted, select the "Add Pulse to Home screen"


Pulse Mobile uses the same credentials and context as Pulse Vantage


  • Stores
  • Job Requests
  • Work Orders

All of the above commits are required to be installed together before this feature can be used.


Mobile Stores

Guide to the mobile stores application.

Stores Menu

Contains entry points to the software’s main features including:

  • Item Enquiry
  • Item Issue
  • Item Return
  • Link Part to Item
  • Batch Stocktake
  • Ad-Hoc Stocktake
  • Receivals
  • Debtors Issue

Each one of these items adds functionality for employees to save time and improve accuracy on site.

Item Enquiry

Item Enquiry allows users to look up items via their StockSiteNo. Users can initially Scan a barcode to receive this number or type it in manually. After a number has been entered they can move up and down numbers using the prev & next buttons.

The screen displays the following information:

  • StockItemNo
  • Description
  • Bin
  • Part
  • On Hand
  • Images

Depending on current settings the Bin number is editable from this screen.

Each item is allowed 5 images, these are enterable on the Item Enquiry screen and are saved via the Save button. You can use the Issue Item, Return Item and Link Part to Item buttons to move to each of those pages carrying the current StockItemNo you have entered with you.

Item Issue

The Item Issue page allows items to be issued as well as providing costing for these items.

You can enter the number of items to be issued, may be able to choose an employee for each item to be issued to. And then enter the costing information: Work Order, Expense, Cost Centre, Company, Division and Site.

The page also allows scanning for StockItemNo and WorkOrder.

Item Return

Effectively Identical to Item Issue but allows the return rather than issue of items.

Link Part to Item

Allows the linking of a part with an Item by entering the StockItemNo and a partNo.

Batch Stocktake

Allows the stock take of items. First you enter a stock take number and hit search. This will bring up all items with this stock take number. You can then click on each of these items in order to open their detail page where you can perhaps edit their bin as well as updating their stock take qty.

Ad-Hoc Stocktake

Allows the stock take of items but you access directly with their stock item number rather than entering from a list. This also allows the creating of new items to be stocktaked that don’t currently have stock take numbers.


Allows for the search of order Items and the entry of received items. After entering an order number and your free reference text you can choose an order item and save how many you have received. Depending on your settings you may also be able to enter carrier and consignment here as well as have labels printed.

Debtors Issue

Works like Item issue but with a list to choose from debtors to cost the item too.

Further Instruction

Work orders main page:

This is where users can filter work orders by site, unit, department etc. Also contains a barcode scanner where users can scan work orders or plant units and the work log which contains all work orders on the device.

Work order detail page:

This page contains information about each work order. Users can edit safety details, add/edit work done, view attached documents or finish the work order.

Job request main page:

This is where users can filter job requests by site, unit, sub-assembly etc. Also contains a barcode scanner for plant units and a pending jobs section which contains all jobs which haven't been synced.

Job request detail page:

This is where users can update existing job requests or create new job requests. Users can attach up to 5 photos to each job request.

Digital checklists:

This is where users fill out checklists for a specific job. Users answer questions related to the job and supports various functionality such as digital signing and photo attachments.


Groups together approval items with badges that show the amount of items left to approve.

Outstanding Actions

A guide to Outstanding Actions in the Vantage Mobile


Login → Home → Notifications → Outstanding Actions

Outstanding Actions List

The Outstanding Actions list view shows a list of actions that are currently due for completion, these are split by tab into Overdue, Immediate and Approaching.

  • Overdue are past the date that they were due.
  • Immediate are within a week of the current date.
  • Approaching are more than a week away.


Each tab located in the list shows:

  • Required Date
  • Incident ID
  • Sequence number
  • Short description of what needs to be done to resolve the situation.

Outstanding Actions Detail

Starts with the same information as shown in the previous list view.

Allows you to open an area that provides more detail on the incident:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Report to
  • Report by
  • Classification]
  • Site
  • Area
  • Location
  • Full description of the incident that occurred.

Allows you to also complete the incident:

  • Comment describing how you completed the incident.
  • Date that it was completed.
  • Press finish to submit or reset to remove your entry.


Leave Approvals 

A guide to Leave Approvals in the Vantage Mobile


Login → Home → Notifications → Leave Approvals

Leave Approvals List

A list of employees requesting leave that you can approve. This can be sorted by several types of leave All, Annual, Paid, LSL.

Each list item contains:

  • Name of employee
  • Pay Code
  • Emp No
  • Position
  • Reason for leave
  • Dates of leave

The list is color coded by Pay Code

  1. Annual Leave - White
  2. Long Service Leave - Amber
  3. Other Leave - Green

Leave Approvals Detail

Shows detail for this leave request, gives the ability to approve or reject the leave application.

Grouped by employee name:

  • Titled by employee name
  • Position
  • Leave Type code
  • Reason
  • Start
  • Finish

Leave detail section:

  • Shifts Taken
  • Entitlement lost
  • Ability to approve or reject 


Vendor Change Approvals

A guide to Vendor Change Approvals in the Vantage Mobile


Login → Home → Notifications → Vendor changes

Vendor changes

List of Vendors that have made changes that need approval.

List item:

  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Number
  • Changed By
  • Date changed

Vendor Change Approvals

Lists changes made by the vendor then an expandable list of outstanding invoices.

Requisition Approvals

A guide to Requisition Approvals in the Vantage Mobile


Login → Home → Notifications → Requisition Approvals

User Interface

The requisition approvals screen shows the user's own approvals.

Requisitions are grouped by requisition number/originator.

Tapping one of the headers will expand the list of items for that requisition where the user can view the item details and approve/reject the requisition.

Rejecting a requisition requires a reason.

The user can also search by requisition number/originator.

Order Amendment Approvals

A guide to order amendment approvals in the Vantage Mobile


Login → Home → Notifications → Order Amendment Approvals

User Interface

The order amendment approvals screen shows order amendments that the user can approve.

Amendments are grouped by order number.

Tapping one of the headers will expand the list of items for that order number where the user can view the item details and approve/reject or forward the order amendment.

Rejecting an order amendment requires a reason.

The user can also search by order number and filter by price/quantity amendments.

Tapping the "forward" button will take the user to a separate page where they can select a raiser to forward to.

Invoice Approvals 

A guide to invoice approvals in the Vantage Mobile


Login → Home → Notifications → Invoice Approvals

User Interface

The invoice approvals screen shows invoice registrations that the user can approve.

Invoices are grouped by invoice registration number.

Tapping one of the headers will expand the list of items for that invoice where the user can view the invoice details and approve/reject the invoice.

Rejecting an invoice requires a reason.

The user can also search by registration number and filter by overdue invoices or due within the next 7 or 30 days.

Quarantine Approvals 

A guide to quarantined delivery approvals in the Vantage Mobile


Login → Home → Notifications → Quarantined Deliveries

User Interface

The quarantined deliveries screen shows quarantined deliveries that the user can approve.

Deliveries are grouped by order number.

Tapping one of the headers will expand the list of items for that order where the user can view the item details and approve/reject the order.

Rejecting a quarantined delivery requires a reason.

The user can also search by delivery number and filter by overdue deliveries or due within the current or next period.

Setup Details

Call Pulse to discuss setup and licensing