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Release Notes

Release Notes are created (see how here) for every change made to the ERP including: enhancements, corrections & client specific changes. 

The Pulse update deployment process consists of a Major Release, approximately annually; then Regular Updates (RUPs), generally monthly (but not Dec or June due to Xmas and EOFY). Critical fixes if required can be deployed as an additional, non-scheduled RUP.

  • The Major Release is a complete update of the Pulse ERP programs and database tables. Their naming convention indicates the year in which the major update became available. E.g. 2021.00 
  • RUPs do not affect database tables. Their naming convention includes a sequentially increasing number that is independent of the release or their available date. E.g. RUP12.

Documentation for all updates that list all updates and provides a link to their individual Release Note is made available to clients. Reading & understanding this documentation will ensure you are aware of all enhancements and corrections.

Taking Major Releases and RUPs when they become available will ensure your system is up-to-date, robust and reliable, thus providing your team with the opportunity to benefit from the latest functionality and use the Pulse system to its full potential.

2021.00 Release Notes Home


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