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Release Notes

Release Notes are created for every change made to the ERP including enhancements, corrections & client specific changes. A document can be requested that contains all subsequent changes from the version of Pulse you are on to the newest available.

Reading & understanding these notes will ensure you are aware of, and up-to-date on all enhancements, corrections and changes since the previous release allowing your team to use Pulse to its full potential and capabilities.

The Pulse Release Process consists of an Annual Release and then updates to each module.

  • The Annual Release is a complete update of the Pulse ERP programs.
  • Patches are created containing later enhancements & fixes for the Annual Release as requested.

The serialised naming convention follows a YEAR.00 syntax. Eg 2019.00 

2020.00 Annual Release Notes

2019.00 Annual Release Notes

2018.00 Annual Release Notes

2017.00 Annual Release Notes


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