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Alex Delgado - Period Earnings Report (BOU-367)


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Human Resources Module - Payroll

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Detailed Period Earnings Report

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  • Note: Patch 30279 applies to 2018.00, patch 30280 makes the same change in 2019.00.
  • A very obscure situation could occasionally occur when printing the detailed period earnings report which would cause an allowance (or deduction) to not be displayed in the report even though the allowance amount was correctly included in the total earnings for the employee. This patch updates the report in order to prevent this from happening.
  • This only happened if the employee immediately preceding the affected employee had a pay record for that period in which the gross pay, tax, and net pay were all zero, and which also included a zero payment recorded against an allowance code which also applied to the affected employee. Since the preceding employee received no pay in that period they were not displayed in the report, but the presence of the allowance code with a zero payment amount had the unexpected side-effect of suppressing the display of that allowance code for the next employee.

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