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Pulse Release Documentation

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Regulatory change - Single Touch Payroll due 1st July 2018 (PMS-8719)


Human Resources Module






Human Resources Module - Payroll

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Single Touch Payroll Process

Release Note Details

Single Touch Payroll Process will generate a CSV file and will email to the current logged in user.

  • The CSV file will be generated for both "Live Run" run and "Report Only" options.
    Live Run         Generate STP file and send to MessageXchanges portal. 
                           Generate CSV file and send to current logged in user'e email address.
                           Generate a STP register and summary report.
                           NOTE, ensure MXC to ATO portal is disabled when running in UAT or TEST system. 

    Report Only    Generate CSV file and send to current logged in user's email address.
                           Generate STP register and summary report.

  • This CSV file is for internal use only and doesn't content the submission details. It CANNOT be uploaded to MessageXchange or other services.

Single Touch Payroll Report now shows payer Y.T.D total in summary page. Payer Y.T.D total is for this report only, and it is not required in STP file.

Payer Gross Y.T.D         Total of employees Y.T.D gross amount.

Payer PAYGW Y.T.D     Total of employees Y.TD PAYGW (Include ETP PAYGW) .

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