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John Hawkins - Standard Job Pricing VS Catalogue Pricing (Update Package 29232) (whi-2981)


Plant Maintenance Module


Standard Jobs




Plant Maintenance Module  -  Standard Jobs

Menu Selection

Various - Anywhere parts are transferred to a W/O from a standard job.

Release Note Details

An issue was found in the purchase part section of the standard jobs.

Purchase parts can generate either a picking slip or a requisition. It does this by checking the part number against the stock master file and if it finds a match it generates a picking slip. Otherwise a requisition is generated.

There is however a setting, Enforce Requisition, that ensures that a requisition is always created. The problem found was if this option was enabled then the system would never check the part against any supplier catalogues. The result would be that the requisition could be create with the incorrect value.

This change has corrected this and when a requisition is being created the system will now always check the supplier catalogue for details.

Setup Details


Test Plan 

Test Description

  • Set up several purchase parts on a standard job to cover the various situations
  • Create a W/O and link the standard job that will then automatically copy the parts onto the work order
  • Post the parts on the W/O to Supply.
  • Check the posted parts making sure that have gone to the correct location and the correct price is used

Test Plan Details

#Feature /Test ScenarioIs StockEnforce Req Has CatalogueExpected ResultsResults
1Standard Job Purchase Item WithNNNRequisition created with SJP Value(tick)
2Standard Job Purchase Item WithYNNPicking slip created(tick)
3Standard Job Purchase Item WithYYNRequisition created with SJP Value(tick)
4Standard Job Purchase Item WithYYYRequisition created with Catalogue Value(tick)
5Standard Job Purchase Item WithNN


Requisition created with Catalogue Value(tick)
6Standard Job Purchase Item WithNYYRequisition created with Catalogue Value(tick)
7Standard Job Purchase Item WithNYNRequisition created with SJP Value(tick)
8Standard Job Purchase Item WithYNYPicking slip created(tick)