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Valmir Winkler - “Last Usage Date” in the Export Stock Details to CSV File Export (blo-1257)


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Supply Module - Stores

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Export Stock Details to CSV File

Release Note Details

  • A new column has been added to the export called "Last Stock Activity Date". This is a look-up with several fallbacks inthe following order:
  • 1 – look for the last stock movement of file, whether it be issue, delivery, invoice
    2 – if no date is found, find the last monthly usage.
    3 – if no date is found, find the last order for that item, and use the last delivery/invoice date (if applicable) or the order date

  • This will use a number of sources to indicate activity for a stock item, in instances where movements (for example) have been purged, or an item was ordered, but never used.

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