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Pulse Release Documentation

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Human Resources Module






Human Resources Module - Payroll

Menu Selection

Termination Summary Report (new menu item)

Pulse Classic

Pulse Vantage

Release Note Details

  • To assist with EOFY activities, a new report has been added which provides a summary of all termination payments made during either the current or previous financial year.
  • The report output is in the form of a .csv file, which is sent to the current user via email when the report is run.
  • NOTE: If an employee has been terminated, reinstated, and terminated again within the same financial year, the report will only list the termination date, reason and pay number relating to the most recent termination. However, the amounts listed in the report will be the total amounts paid in that financial year for all the ETP categories listed.

Setup Details

If the update you are taking is not a Pulse Release, your menu structure may need to be modified for you to access this report. If you are using Pulse Classic (i.e. not Vantage), have not done this before and require help, or you do not have access to undertake the following steps, please contact Pulse Support (02 4922 2000).

Pulse Classic Setup

Use Maintain Menu Functions (7281) to add the new function below:

  • Function name: HPYFYETP
  • Function type: P
  • Description: Termination Summary Report
  • Database List: HR

Use Maintain Menu Structures (7282) to modify all the menu groups in which the new report should appear as shown below (E.g. for menu group PULSE_M01):

  • If the last page of the Payroll Reports menu only has space for one additional item (i.e. at option 9) it is best to use this space to add an additional menu, rather than adding the new report here and having to replace it with a menu later on when another report is added, as this will change the key sequence required to access the report.
  • Navigate to the last page of the Payroll Reports menu (currently 22329), and set Menu Option 9 to HRZPAYRM as shown:
  • Press <GO> to accept the change, then press 9 to navigate to the new menu page. Set Menu Option 1 to HPYFTETP as shown:
  • Repeat for any other menu groups which require the new report

Pulse Vantage Setup

Ensure patch 26237 has been installed, as this patch contains the updates to the Vantage menus.

The Vantage menu structure needs to be rebuilt on the client's server after the update has been deployed for the new menu structure to become available. This needs to be undertaken by Pulse prior to client update handover.