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Pulse Release Documentation

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A Nicholas - BIRT Template anomalies (BLO-1138)


Human Resources Module






Human Resources Module - Payroll

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Print Pay Advice Slips

Release Note Details

  • Added the ability to display the leisure days entitlement amounts in hours instead of days, via system option HR 203 (see below).
  • The conversion from days to hours is based on the standard number of hours worked per shift as specified in the employee's award:
  • e.g. An example showing an adjustment of 14.25 leisure days added this pay, with a standard shift length of 10 hours as shown above:
  • Added the ability to display the rate code and consideration code descriptions if required, via system option HR 203 (see below).
  • The description shown is the one entered in the Pay Advice Descr. field in the Rates and Considerations Maintenance screen.
  • Adjusted the display of the daily hours/attendance block to align with the weekly or fortnightly pay period - e.g. if the pay week ends on a Saturday:

Setup Details

New options have been added to the System Options screen for option HR 203:

  • To allow the leisure days entitlement to be displayed in hours instead of days
  • To display extra information (rate code descriptions, consideration code descriptions) in the earnings block: