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  • UPDATE patch 29353 
    • Fix an issue where FTE Details for Non-employee personnel was not correctly displaying the non-employee personnel's job position.
    • The Vantage screen will now correctly display the job position within the FTE details section of the Non-Employee Personnel Master maintenance Vantage Screen.
    • Added the old menu option that redirects to the CHUI screen.
    • Patch will require menu to be rebuilt on the client server.
  • UPDATE patch 29368
    • Fixed an issue where the drop downs would not correctly display non employee information on the Non-employee personnel screen due to the item being outside of the first 500 items.
    • The non employee drop downs will now populate correctly.    
  • UPDATE PATCH  patch 29426
    • Fixed issue with drop down on new non-employee screen not correctly displaying information.
    • The new non-employee drop down will now populate correctly.