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Human Resources Module


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Human Resources Module  -  Work Health and Safety

Menu Selection

Vantage    Human Resources → Health & Safety → Setup → Monthly Statistics Report(new)

Release Note Details

Import Contractor Hours: 

  • The first step of monthly statistics.
  • The system can import the contractor hours and number of contractors from a CSV file. The imported details will be used in the monthly statistics calculation.
  • A popup screen will be displayed when the active link "Import Contractor" is clicked. 

Delimiter Character                Read only field. 

Contractor import process will only accept a comma separated CSV file.

Lines of heading                    The number of the header lines in the CSV file where the import will skip.

From Default Location           Default file location and name is configured in system option UT 37/38 and HS 97.

UT 37/38 defines the 

When the check box is ticked, the system will import the CSV file from default location.

This option will not be displayed if HS 97 is not set.

Select/Drop File                      When "From Default Location" is not checked, the file selector will be visible and allows selecting/drooping a file from PC.

Note, the contractor import process can be submitted as a batch job in Pulse Classic System. 

Review Site Data

  • The second step of monthly statistics.
  • The link button will only be active when the OHS site code is selected. 
  • The Review Site Data is for selected site and period end. 
  • The selected site data details page will be displayed within current tab. The page header displays the OHS site and period selected.

Populate Monthly Data

  • System will calculate the monthly data for selected site and period end. Once the monthly data is being populated, the use is able to enter the report value for those statistics where value method are "ENTERED".
  • If the monthly data already exists, a prompt will be displayed. When "OK" is selected, the system will recalculated the monthly data for those statistics which value method is "CALCULATED".
  • The statistics calculation will run on fly and might take few seconds to run. A warning message will be displayed at top right of the page. 
  • The monthly statistics will not calculate the site data for the future period end date. The system returns an error message "Please select" a valid month and year prior to today to be populated" and displays at right bottom of the screen.


  • The statistic items are defined in Monthly Statistics Control. "Add" and "Delete" functions are not allowed. 
    Calculated fields          Only "Comments" is editable.
    Entered fields              The "Entered Value"/"Entered Date Value" and "Comments" fields are editable.

Submit Monthly Statistics Report

  • The final step of monthly statistics. 
  • The Statistics of selected month and prior months will be automated updated(re-calculated) based on any changes made.
  • The report will be submitted and run on server in back end. It might take few minutes to be delivered in the email depending on the number of the sites selected. 
  • "MCA Qtr Statistics" worksheet has been moved to the second sheet, due to the reporting tool. 
  • In GUI version, mine type is default to "Underground" and site data will be added into "UG Totals" when the single OHS site is selected. 
    In new Vantage version, , system will read the actual mine type configuration for the selected OHS site and add the value to the related totals sheet. For example, if the selected OHS site is "Open cut" mine, the excel report will populate data for this site and add the values into "OC Totals".

Site to Report          A drop down OHS sites selection list.

The available OHS sites will be listed.

When site to report is blank, the report will populate all OHS sites which has Mine Type assigned. 

When the single OHS site is selected, the "Review Site Data" Active Link will be enabled.

Month End              Report ending month, which data will be populated in column "M" in the report. 

Year                        Reporting year. The year cannot be future year or earlier than 1900.

Note, the report will not populate the statistics for the future period. The system will default the period end date to the period prior to TODAY.

Output Options       The Vantage standard report option tool. 

Monthly Statistics Report will be generated in Excel Workbook only, regardless the File Type selected.

The report submit(OK) button will be enabled when a recipient is selected.

Monthly Statistics Report will be delivered in email attachment.

Note, the "Mine Type" parameter has been changed to global setup, not per user based. The mine types must be configured when first time run Monthly Statistics Report in Vantage. No data will be populated if the mine type list is blank. Mine Type can be configured in Advanced Settings.

Advanced Settings

  • The "Advance Settings" active link located under the report parameter fields. 
  • A short list of mine type displays below the active link. The mine types must be configured in order to populate the report excel worksheets. No data will be populated if the mine type list is blank.
    Note, in GUI system, the mine type setting is per user based. Mine type is a global setup for monthly statistics reporting in Vantage. Default GUI setting will not be displayed in Vantage version. The mine type must be configured when first time run Monthly Statistics Report in Vantage.
  • The report configuration screen will be displayed within current tab when the active link is clicked.

System Configurations

  • The system option settings which used in the Monthly Statistics report are listed.
  • These system settings are read only. The settings can be updated in system option maintenance area.

Mine Type

  • Mine Type must be configured to run Monthly Statistics Report.
  • Mine Type details screen will be popped up when "Edit" is clicked. The available OHS sites will be listed and a mine type drop down selector aligned.

N/A                         The monthly statistics will not be populated.

Underground          The monthly statistics will be populated in the site worksheet.

The monthly statistics will be added to the calculation for "UG Totals" worksheet in the report.

Open Cut                The monthly statistics will be populated in the site worksheet .

The monthly statistics will be added to the calculation for "OC Totals" worksheet in the report.

Absence Pay Codes for Hours Worked

  • This is to define the absence payment codes which will be included/excluded from the calculation of employee hours worked.
  • The payment code selection screen will be popup when "Edit" is clicked.

Monthly Statistics Control Maintenance

  • Monthly Statistics Control defines the statistics involved in the calculation process. 
  • The Statistics details page will be displayed within current tab.
  • All the statistics are system defined. "Add" and "Delete" function are not allowed.
  • The statistic label text and comments are editable. The updated label will appear in the report.
  • The "Default Last Value" is editable for the ENTERED Statistic.
  • "Populate Default Controls" will load the system default statistics and will overwrite the customized labels.

Setup Details

Vantage menu build process is required once deployed.

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