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Pulse Release Documentation

Release Note ID


Pulse Service Centre NumberAMS-1035

Financial Management Module


Foreign Currency



Financial Management Module - Foreign Currency

Menu Selection

Foreign Currency

Release Note Details

  • Existing unrealised FX processing and reports did not account for the possibility of shadow ledgers existing for clients.
  • When creating journals the process creates journals for each shadow ledger. The base ledger journal contains the base currency values where as the shadow ledger journal base ledger values show as zero (0). When these journals are posted the values are populated correctly.
  • When producing reports for the unrealised FX gains or losses, the display report will show each shadow ledger along with the base ledger. The spreadsheet version shows each currency across the page.

Setup Details

System Option UT76 populated with shadow ledgers if required. (otherwise the base ledger is used by default)

User interaction and design

Tested with AUD and USD shadow ledgers.'

Report generation

The highlight shows the USD debtors unrealised FX gain or loss.

Here is the USD shadow ledger report which shows the fluctuation versus base currency.

Spreadsheet version