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Fixing Personnel ID allocation (PMS-9966)


Human Resources Module






Human Resources Module - Personnel

Menu Selection

Employee Master Maintenance, Non-Employee Master Maintenance, Non-Employee Personnel Import, Create/Review New Employees (GUI)

Release Note Details

To prevent conflicts between personnel numbers assigned to employees and non-employee personnel when (a) personnel numbers were allowed to be entered manually, or (b) when the allowed range for non-employee personnel numbers overlapped with the allowed range for employee personnel numbers, the following changes have been made:

  • All personnel numbers are allocated via a common procedure, which ensures that conflicts between different personnel types do not happen
  • If personnel numbers are entered manually, there are additional checks to ensure that the number entered is within the defined range for that type of personnel, and that there is no conflict with a number already assigned to any personnel type in the system.

These changes also fix issues with allocating a user account to an employee or contractor which occurred as a result of inconsistencies with personnel number assignment.

In addition, if employee personnel numbers are restricted to specifically defined ranges by Company or by Pay Group using the Employee Number Control Table, then if a new employee is added via Employee Master Maintenance and System Option HR 11 specifies that employee numbers are to be automatically allocated, then an additional screen is displayed to specify the new employee's Company or Pay Group before their Employee Number is assigned.

Setup Details

Required ranges for Personnel Numbers for Employees, Non-Employee Personnel (contractors), and Job Applicants (new employees) can be set via System Options HR 1, HR 2, and HR 3 respectively.

Automatic allocation of Personnel Numbers for Employees, Non-Employee Personnel, and Job Applicants can be enabled or disabled via System Options HR 11, HR 12, and HR 13 respectively.

Allocation of specific Personnel Number ranges by Company Code or Pay Group is done via the Employee Number Control Table menu option.

User interaction and design

Selection of Company or Pay Group for a new employee when numbers are auto-allocated and number ranges are restricted by Company or Pay Group:

Pay Group selection: