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lv-deldate field in Deliveries (receivals) screen requires entry checking. (pms-10247)


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Supply Module  -  Direct Purchasing

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Deliveries (Receivals)

Release Note Details

When entering the delivery date, any date was allowed to be entered without checking. This was resulting in dates being entered well in to the future due
to user error. A check has been implemented that alerts a user for any delivery date that has been entered more than 180 days in to the future to help prevent incorrect date entry.

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Test Plan (If Required)

Test Description

When entering a delivery date for an order, if the delivery date is more than 180 days in the future (taken from the current date), the user will receive an alert asking them to confirm the delivery date is correct before continuing.

Test Plan Details

#Feature /Test ScenarioExpected ResultsResultsNotes
1Enter a future delivery date that is greater than 180 days from the current date.A warning message will appear on leaving the date field saying

"The year for the entered delivery date is X which is Y days in the future.
Please ensure this is correct before continuing".


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