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Realised Fluctuations on A/P payments in Shadow Ledgers (PMS-10362)


Financial Management Module


Accounts Payable




Financial Management Module  -  Accounts Payable

Menu Selection

New Payables Entry & Editing

Invoicing (D/P)

Purge Payables

Print Cheques/Create EFTs

Cancel Payments / Renumber Cheques

Release Note Details

  • Invoice date is now consistently used as the currency effective date. This is a change mainly affecting cancellation and re-invoice batches which previous did not restore the original dates.
  • Currency fluctuation cancellations would previously split costing along inter-company lines, even though the payment fluctuation was not split this way. The fluctuation reversal on cancellation will now be a single amount on the payment company only. This change affects base currency fluctuations too. 
  • Pre-paid invoices will now generate fluctuations between the invoice posted and paid dates. This is more strictly correct than previous behaviour and also allows the cancellation to be consistent. 
  • "Realised" Currency fluctuations on payment, cancellation and purge are now also calculated for functional currencies other than the base currency (Shadow Ledgers).
  • Currency fluctuations on purge were previous NOT single currency journals, i.e. they updated Shadow Ledgers at the daily rate - this has been corrected. 


  • When Shadow Ledgers are active, every payment will have a fluctuation in at least one currency (provided the invoice date is different to the payment date).
  • Cancellations will re-calculate the fluctuation to be reversed. If, after this patch is installed a payment is cancelled, which was paid before this patch was installed so did not have a shadow fluctuation, the shadow fluctuation reversal will still be calculated. Manual journal adjustments/reversals may be done in this case if desired.

Setup Details

Shadow Ledgers are controlled with system option UT76. Please contact Pulse for requirements before changing this.

Test Plan (If Required)

Test Description

  • Shadow fluctuations

Test Plan Details

#Feature /Test ScenarioExpected ResultsResultsNotes
1Purge Payables - base currencyFluctuation in Shadows only(tick)

Invoice and payment date must be different to trigger fluctuations

2Purge Payables - shadow currencyFluctuation in base & other shadows(tick)
3Purge Payables - foreign currencyFluctuation in base & shadows(tick)
4Payment - base currencyFluctuation in Shadows only(tick)

5Payment - shadow currencyFluctuation in base & other shadows(tick)
6Payment - foreign currencyFluctuation in base & shadows(tick)
7Cancellation - base currencyFluctuation in Shadows only(tick)

8Cancellation - shadow currencyFluctuation in base & other shadows(tick)
9Cancellation - foreign currencyFluctuation in base & shadows(tick)
10Pre-paymentFluctuations now generated(tick)A pre-payment is an ordinary payment with a cheque (or other payment) number entered
11Prompt paymentsFluctuations as per normal payments(tick)

User interaction and design

Examples of fluctuations in Shadow Ledgers. Zero lines have amounts in shadow currencies.


AUD base currency payment viewed in USD Shadow

Cancellation of a USD payment viewed in AUD base currency. Note the costed amount is now reversed instead of the paid amount and fluctuation balances these:

Cancellation of AUD base /USD Shadow payment above. Note GST and costing split.

Cancellation of GBP foreign invoice viewed in EUR Shadow: