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Pulse Release Documentation

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Human Resources Module


Work Health and Safety





Human Resources Module  -  Work Health and Safety

Menu Selection

WEBAPPS Incident/Hazard Entry - Action Required

Release Note Details

Incident/Hazard Employee Selector

"Add Contractor" function has been removed from employee selector. The new contractor should be added from pulse standard menu function "Non-employee Maintenance".

The employee selector will display company code, personnel type, terminated date and Active User columns. 

Type                       Personnel Type

Comp. Code          Company Code

Terminated Date    Employee termination Date/ Contractor Disable Date

Active User            Yes       Employee/Personnel has a valid user name

                              BLANK  Employee/Contractor doesn't have a user name or the user name is disabled.             


Incident/Hazard Entry - Action Required

The warning message will be displayed under the "Allocated to" person field, when 

  • selected employee is terminated,
  • Selected contractor is disabled.
  • Selected personnel doesn't have a valid user name.
  • Selected personnel's user name is disabled or retired. 

    The warning message will not stop to assign the selected personnel as "Allocated to" person.

Outstanding Action Required reminder email

Previously, the terminated employee can receive the action required reminder email, but no item listed. This is because the items allocated to the terminated employee has been skipped.


The action required items will be reported and sent to the terminated employee.


Setup Details