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Shirley Solman - DP Batch Issue (2019.00 UAT) (BLO-1346)


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Release Note Details

Please ensure when taking patch 31455, this patch is also taken.

It was discovered in QA testing the Additional batch validation check could cause AP posting to remain in a "incomplete" state. The scenario discovered was when an AP batch is posted, if there are validation errors it would halt the clean up of the AP posting regime leaving behind the batch in Invoice Entry and Editing.

When you clear the post flag an try again the AP Post would display the following message. 

This is due to the AP Post would create a new batch however since the voucher items had previously been entered into the GL there were no items in this new batch. The new balance check would therefore not find this new batch and return an exception error hence the message displayed.

This patch updates the AP Post to use the updated posting regime and corrects the balance check to return a warning exception. This allows AP to continue posting and processing.

Test Plan (If Required)

Test Description

  • Testing can be conducted in two stages, pre patch and post patch using the same scenarios.

Test Plan Details

#Feature /Test ScenarioExpected ResultsResultsNotes
1Pre patch.
  • Post AP invoice to GL which contains invalid cost code combination,
  • AP Batch stalls when posting to GL and is stuck in Invoice Entry and Editing
  • Clear the post flag
  • Attempt to post again (receive same message as above).

Not the desired outcome.

2Post patch
  • Post AP invoice to GL which contains invalid cost code combination,
  • AP Batch continues to post, displays warning message and is no longer in Invoice Entry and Editing.