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Emily Young - 2019.00 Release Issue - Accounts Payable Batch Posting not working (AMCI-213)


Financial Management Module


Accounts Payable



Financial Management Module  -  Accounts Payable

Menu Selection

Financials → Accounts Payable

Release Note Details

  • Patch 31505 introduced checking of the reponse when creating GL information from AP posting methods.

  • In some instances when posting from AP to GL, the AP sub module would occasionally attempt to pass a zero value journal line to GL which would be ignored.
  • AP was checking and validating the return of zero as an error which is not the case in this instance as the zero value journal line item is not required.

** This will be an update to patch 31505 which introduced this check sequence. So I would suggest clients take this fix to avoid replication of the problem. **

Setup Details


Test Plan (If Required)

Test Plan Details

Pre Patch - Zero total invoices or zero costing line invoices failed to post.

#Feature /Test ScenarioExpected ResultsResultsNotes
1Post invoices with zero value lines.

Invoices post to GL with no issue.

Zero invoices are not created in GL by design.