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23576, 23577

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Supply Module - Direct Purchasing

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Raise an Electronic Requisition

Release Note Details

Alert user about FPA item on supplier catalog if available and audit if user chooses non-FPA supplier.

IMPORTANT: This update has been superseded by WHI-2796 (update package 24970), due to the original updates 23576 and 23577 introducing an issue. This update (23576, 23577) should not be installed without also installing update 24970 at the same time.

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Test Plan (If Required)

Test Description

When user enters a stock item that is on an FPA Supplier catalog, alert the user about the Supplier and ask whether to select it.

Test Plan Details

#Feature /Test ScenarioExpected ResultsResultsNotes
1Raise an electronic requisition.User prompted for Suggested Supplier.(tick)

2Enter non-FPA supplierNon-FPA supplier entered successfully(tick)
3Enter FPA part numberAlert appears asking whether user wants to select FPA supplier for this req.(tick)Selecting YES will populate fields with FPA part details.
Selecting NO will audit the users decision to use Non-FPA supplier.
NOTE: Audit will only occur after committing changes.

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